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Interactive Dog Toy for Mental Stimulation and Feeding Fun

Interactive Dog Toy for Mental Stimulation and Feeding Fun

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Keep your girl pup engaged and entertained with the Interactive Dog Toy for Mental Stimulation and Feeding Fun! This educational toy is designed to relieve boredom and challenge your pup's mind through interactive play. With hidden compartments for treats, this toy encourages your pup to use her problem-solving skills to access her favorite snacks.

Crafted with durable, pet-safe materials, this toy withstands playtime while providing a stimulating experience for your pup. It's perfect for mealtime enrichment or as a rewarding activity to keep your pup mentally sharp and active.

Key Features:

  • Interactive design promotes mental stimulation and focus
  • Hidden compartments for treats enhance play and feeding time
  • Durable, pet-safe materials for long-lasting use
  • Relieves boredom and engages your pup in problem-solving
  • Ideal for solo play and mealtime enrichment

Give your girl pup the gift of fun and challenge with this interactive educational toy. Order now and watch her thrive in playful learning!


Product Information

Product Category: Pet Feeding Toy

Material: PP

Weight: 500g

Number Of Boxes: 20

Specifications: Round, Hexagonal, Paw Print

Color: Blue, Green, Pink          

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