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Interactive Dog Sniffing Pad for Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

Interactive Dog Sniffing Pad for Mental Stimulation and Enrichment

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Unleash your girl pup's natural instincts with the Interactive Dog Sniffing Pad! This engaging pad provides a fun and stimulating activity for your pup, allowing her to use her sense of smell to find hidden treats. The different textures and hiding spots encourage your pup to sniff, search, and play, offering both mental and physical exercise.

Crafted with soft, pet-safe materials, this sniffing pad is gentle on your pup's nose and fur. It can help relieve boredom, reduce anxiety, and promote slower eating during mealtime.

Key Features:

  • Interactive sniffing pad for sensory stimulation
  • Hiding spots for treats encourage foraging and play
  • Soft, pet-safe materials for comfortable use
  • Promotes slower eating and relieves boredom
  • Ideal for training, mental enrichment, and mealtime fun

Enhance your girl pup's day with this exciting sniffing pad. Order now and watch her thrive in interactive play!

Material: cloth
Product category: foraging pad
Color: light blue edge, purple edge on grey background, cream-colored edge, blue edge, purple edge, old green edge, new purple edge on grey background, new orange edge
Specification: 45 * 45 cm


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